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Freddy Curiél is born in 1983 and is an Italian Landscape Architect, with an expertise in different fields of design at different scales. 
He started his bachelor architecture studies at IUAV (Venice, Italy) and KArch Royal Academy (Copenhagen, Denmark). Later on he gained his master degree in Architecture and Landscape Planning at Politecnico di Milano where he graduates with Honours, developing his thesis at TU Delft, Chair of Urbanism and Landscape.
Since 2006 he collaborated in several architecture studios in Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong. Based in Shenzhen since 2011, he carries out research and academic activities parallel to his design practice. 

Freddy Curiél is the Asia Representative of DGJ Architects & Landscapes, with offices in Frankfurt, Zürich, The Hague and Paris.

Deborah Campana is an Italian architect born in Venice, got her master degree in Building Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 2009. After obtaining a scholarship in Lighting Design and deepened her studies in Luxury Interiors for Hospitality, she practiced in Haifa (Israel) were she worked on projects for education, leisure and commercial spaces. 

Since 2012 she is based in Shenzhen developing retail design and project management in Mainland China, Italy and USA for Luxury Italian brands boutiques and flagship stores. She has been studying Business Chinese language at Shenzhen University and designed private residences, offices and showrooms in China and South East Asia with particular care for acoustics wellbeing.

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