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Chengdu, China // 成都, 中国

2019 // 150 sqm

Dray Day is a Chengdu based fashion brand under our Creative Direction for their brand and visual identity. Dray Day is dedicated to high class young men with style.

We developed the flagship store from the idea of attracting and welcoming customers through a sleek and sinuous environment, that express itself at first glance in the facade realized as arched gates, that extend inside the store as a sequence of vaulted roofs.

The connections between the arches are emphasized by strips of lights enhancing the perspective within the store and catching the view into the inner layers.

The central core of the store is realized as a squared block of wood, that articulates in its shape providing the cashier and reception desk, a lounge area and the fitting rooms. The same textured wood is used for the details of different decor complements such as tables, pedestals and the custom made display furniture.

The sinuous lines and shiny surfaces are a recurring detail in different areas of the store, from the sculptural metallic elements where to hang clothes, to the arched niches framing accessories, and vertical screens between the windows and the store,

Different mirroring surfaces are amplifying the visual perception of the space, multiplying the vaults along the roof and providing elegant details in different spots of the store.

The palette of colors is quite neutral, in the tones of pastel grey and brown. The vertical surfaces are cladded with a custom wallpaper that creates a gradient from the white ceiling and the white pebble on the floor edges into a central darker cloud of foggy black aligned with the position of the clothes hanging on display, becoming a contrasted background.

team Freddy Curiél, Deborah Campana, Aaron Huang, Josie Jiang

photos by Lapis Bureau

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