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Shenzhen Creative Week 2021

RGB Plaza is an installation designed and developed by Lapis Bureau as an art and lounge area for all creative visitors of SZCW in the Hall 3 titled ON LIGHT! specifically dedicated to lighting design entirely.

A simple structure made of black trusses and metal cables hosts a series of printed artworks hanging from the ceiling creating a canopy of different heights. The canopies are printed on a pvc barrisol with a custom artwork of abstract patterns, realized using 3 main color gamuts (cyan, magenta, yellow) that generate extra colors in their overlaying. Inside each arched canopy there is a strip of LED lights that are programmed to dim from one RGB color to another, turning the canopy into a glowing and ever-changing colored structure, providing a total of 7 different perceptive scenarios and combinations.

The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green, and blue lights are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. Thanks to the projection of different colors of light onto the artworks, only one of the color layers is enhanced while the others are made less visible, creating the mesmerizing perception of an ever-changing printed artwork. RGB PLAZA has a mirrored floor that reflects all the artworks and light effects, doubling the visual experience, and a series of inflatable seats are hosting visitors and magazines to provide a relaxed and catchy environment to stop over, and a landmark meeting point.



design team : Freddy Curiél, Viki Ferrari, Deborah Campana, Aaron Huang photos : Lapis Bureau lights sponsor : UOZU barrisol and prints : Hengfeng Da special thanks : TheSignR (media partner), IDA (Italian Design Association)



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