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“From the spoon to the city” is the slogan created by world famous Italian architect Ernesto Nathan Rogers in 1952, on the occasion of the drafting of the famous “Athens Charter”. After many years, this statement seems to still be able to represent a valid starting point to show and describe the approach of Italian design and its intrinsic value when attending to modern challenges, especially those offered by contemporary China.

The theme of the exhibition, “From Micro to Macro: Italian designers in South China” has the ambitious objective to to highlight the strong presence of Italian design professionals in China, active in several, very different, fields of design. Even more importantly, it would explicit and enhance the ability of a single designer to manage in a flexible and coherent way the design process, adopting an approach that could be used at different scales of intervention. Moreover, such an approach can also be seen as a representation of a clear Italian vision, dedicated to investigating the complex challenge posed by the very idea of sustainable development. The pavilion would like to enhance the possibility in the design of single micro objects, such as a spoon, to interact while being responsible within a broader complex system, such as the contemporary city.

With this consideration in mind, the exhibition has been divided into four sections representing specific attitudes permitting designers to move from Micro to Macro, starting from how they arranged their approach towards creativity. Unexpected, Mindful, Responsive, Interaction, do not represent a dimensional taxonomy, but the recombination of those possibilities truly offered by design, generating visions capable to overcome spatial boundaries and strategically give responses to contemporary issues.



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