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Cinema STELLAR Longgang

Shenzhen, China // 深圳, 中国

2017 // 7000 sqm

Cinema Stellar is located in Longgang Shenzhen inside the building created by Mecanoo Architects, and our design has been selected as winning proposal in the public bidding. The design was carried on in cooperation with LIP of Shenzhen Urban Construction Group & Design Institute (深圳市城建集团有限公司).

Seven different movie theatre halls are treated in full different colors, from the acoustic panels to the sofa, providing a unique environment to each of them, and a distinguished personality.

An infographic set of colored lines are decorating the floor in the lobby, and they extend themselves into the corridors leading the visitors to their hall.

Before virtual reality and augmented reality, we could experience 3D view watching specifically designed images through simple cardboard glasses with red and blue lenses. We took inspiration from such vintage emotions to create something modern and unique that different generations can relate to and experience with a wow.

An augmented reality theatre is one of the main attractions of the lobby, while in the corridors famous movie characters magically come out from the walls thanks to overlapping blu and red images and color changing led lights.

team Freddy Curiél, Tobia Repossi, Aaron Yang


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