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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China // 深圳, 广东, 中国

2023 // 235 sqm

Green moss walls, custom logos, graffiti and neon lights define the first impression entering at SOMOS new office

Designing the new office for a growing “big small agency”, quoting Somos Digital team, the goal was to create a space that can be versatile and efficient, expressing the bold identity of the company while providing a professional and welcoming ambiance.

Working closely with the creative team at SOMOS, the Italian architects at Lapis Bureau created a flexible open workspace that maximizes natural daylight and organizes the main areas to accommodate the operational needs of the team and anticipate clients' flows.

Breaking away from traditional office geometry, the design introduces a human-friendly environment, with flexible spaces cleverly organized as "boxes in the box." These include a spacious main meeting room, cozy booths for small rendezvous or online meetings, quiet multifunctional niches, and efficiently hidden storage spaces, as well as a hybrid area for restoration and smart work.

One of the standout features of the office is the bold diagonal metal tunnel at the entrance, which acts as an iconic landmark, filtering the reception area and the open working space. This unique element also pierces the meeting room, creating a buffer space with an integrated slanted pantry counter.

The layout was carefully planned to allow simultaneous activities, fostering co-existence without interferences. It accommodates individual operations, small internal consultations, on-site, and remote meetings. Ergonomics and well-being were prioritized, leading to the development of flexible and diverse areas for hybrid tasks and relaxation.

The collaboration with the creative team of SOMOS throughout the design development ensured a strong characterization of the final outcome, allowing the space to communicate their brand identity effectively. Distinctive branded elements, such as color hues and on-site graffiti in the lobby, add a touch of creativity and uniqueness. Notably, the engraved SOMOS logo in the concrete wall, filled with moss, contributes to a human and handcrafted feel in the overall environment.

The new SOMOS Digital office sets a new standard for office design, blending functionality, creativity, and a touch of branding to create an inspiring and engaging workspace.

“Our main goal was to create a storytelling through the design of the new offices, rather than a mere aesthetic and spatial solution. We believe it would be a strong feature for a digital creative agency to stand out based on what their own working space conveys to their clients and visitors.”

team Freddy Curiél, Deborah Campana, Viki Ferrari, Claire Zhu, Aaron Huang

photos by Freeman Yeung

client SOMOS Digital

construction appointed by client

suppliers Arch17 (procurement), Arkee (furniture), Burgeree (acoustic panels)


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