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Beijing, China // 北京, 中国

2018 // 160 sqm

Luxottica decided to set in Beijing a new showroom and office space combined, located within the Pommegrenade Centre, with Ray-Ban and Oakley dedicated branded corners, and several multi-brand displays of luxury glasses.

The originally irregular shape of the building is perceived regular and symmetrical once stepped inside the showroom, thanks to the insertion of a diagonal wall that accompanies the customers towards a circular flow within the open space and the branded display islands, hence allowing the architects to insert functional spaces for the back-of-house and office-needs required by the client.

The design of operative zones such as work spaces and meeting areas has been done taking in consideration visual connections, easy accessibility and free circulation. The enlightened displays of the main brands play as a colorful and appealing background within the light and clear colors of the environment.

The details are kept raw and clean, with the blue ceiling and the diagonal lighting system becoming the main design orientation, ensuring a unique look to the showroom and reflecting the Luxottica corporate identity.

The height of the main gates determines the edge between the white plastered walls and the blue painted rough surfaces, recreating the feeling of a faux-ceiling. The windows are partially screened with semi-transparent foil on the eye-height, and with a blue-dotted pattern on the taller edge of the windows, allowing simultaneously privacy, sun-screening, and diffused natural light.

The single branded displays are easily moveable around to satisfy different needs of lay-out options, especially important during corporate events, when different group, buyers and distributors show up simultaneously. The vertical surfaces left mostly blank allow different projections, or the presence of advertising light-boxes. In such way the rather small footprint of the building can be properly exploited at its maximum capability, and being a multi-functional and flexible space.

team Freddy Curiél, Deborah Campana, Luca Bolgiani, Li Hai Zhen

photos by Shawn Koh / Feng Studios

client LUXOTTICA Wholesale Co. (Shanghai)

construction Shenzhen Tisan Decoration Design Engineering // 深圳铁三装饰设计工程有限公司

multi-brand displays ShopWorks Shanghai

branded corners display Ray-Ban and Oakley



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